Reinventing Water Cleaning Technology

Water safety and quality are necessary for the development of society and human health. EEnotech strives for novel and clean techniques for drinking water purification and wastewater treatment. With state-of-art technology and material science, we developed multiple new solutions to disinfect biopathogens and remove critical hazards in water in an efficiently, economically, and environmentally friendly way. 

Low-cost and Long Life Energy Storage Solution

EEnotech invented highly reliable and scalable rechargeable batteries with low cost, long life, high power rate and good safety. EEnotech’s new energy storage solution is the game changer for new era of electricity economy: smart grids, electric transportation, integration of solar and wind electricity into grids.

Thermoregulation Textiles

EEnotech is commercializing our patented warming, cooling and multi-functional textile based on rigorous research on infrared technology. We not only aim at maximizing wearers’ comfort through thermoregulation, but also to reduce energy demand for indoor heating and cooling, which accounts for more than 12% of energy consumption in the US. We are excited to offer our flagship breathable infrared-reflective warming textile that is as warm as an insulated jacket yet up to 30 times thinner and 2 times lighter. On the other hand, our infrared-transparent cooling textile unconventionally provides both instant cool touch and sustainable cooling, making it very comfortable to wear.